The Sin of Slavery

Blood on our land

Human slavery is a  sin against the dignity of every human person.  It is such a grievous sin that it's spiritual effects are experienced for generations. Although this generation is not guilty of this sin, our country and her forebearers were.  Like Jesus, who took on the burden of guilt and shame for our sin, we offer our daily trials and sufferings first for the sin of slavery and then for its spiritual affects on our people.

Imagine the Horror

Imagine being chained, beaten, abused, raped and the children born torn from the arms of their mothers and sold. Parents and children beaten and abused in the sight of those they love. Even when freedom was won the cultural slavery continued through generations of mistreatment, discrimination and segregation.  Imagine not having the free will and dignity that God has given each human person. This is the sin of slavery.

The need for reparation

The oppression experienced by victims of human slavery is palpable.  Future generations suffer from that same oppression.  Reparations in this context usually refers to monetary payments.  But the currency of the Kingdom of God is love. Offering ourselves in love to repair for this atrocity is necessary for our country and her people to live in peace and harmony.  Reparation is needed so that each human person who is suffering from the spiritual affects of human slavery is healed and can live a life in freedom to 

pursue their purpose without the influence of spiritual oppression. 


Native People


When the colonies were first settled the British and French encountered Native people.  It wasn't too long after arrival that American Native People were conquered and enslaved.  


In the name of God, American Natives were too frequently forced to convert to Christianity.  These forced conversions were justified by misapplying the biblical mandates.  God is the giver of freedom.  Forced conversion is not from God.

Short of the Glory of God

The methods used were entirely opposed to the Gospel admonition to love one another as yourself.  Too frequently wealth to the conquering nations was the true goal.  

Wisdom of Native Peoples

The wisdom of Native people was a gift to us from God, however, the greed and arrogance of men with more might and power, rejected the gift and persecuted the children of God.  They stole their land and slaughtered their people because they were different from themselves and because they could. 





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